Shiny Squirrel Club

Common Questions

Why a shiny squirrel?
If shiny is distracting and a squirrel is distracting, wouldn’t a shiny squirrel be the most distracting thing? Its an easily identifiable symbol for Neurodioversity and ADHD in particular.
Isn't a shiny squirrel cliché and minimizing neruodiovergence?
We don't believe it is. We don't think a symbol has to sum up everything about what it represents as much as it needs to be easily recognisable. A rainbow flag isn't minimizing LGBTQIA+ and a floppy disk "save" icon isn't minimizing the hard work that it takes to make cloud storage work. Longer Video Explanation (2m32s)
Why would you want to advertise that your brain is different?
Because it is. There are lots you can do to help manage ADHD, but you can't change your brain. As long as people believe that ADHD traits are not normal, or can be cured, or are rare, nothing will change. As long as people think they are alone in their situation, they will continue to feel alienated. As long as people look at us and say "well, why can't you just..." the stigma will continue.